I want to help children with disabilities and Give them a chance in life

What we do

Inclusive Education

Children with disabilities need special care to learn in schools together with children who do not have special needs.


SBSD believes that, with good health anything is possible education, employment and active community life.

Livelihood Support

SBSD Empower families of children with disabilities through various agricultural based skills development.

Disability Rights

The disability rights aims to secure equal rights for all people with disabilities living their lives like other citizens.

Children Rights

Children’s rights are human rights. SBSD Tanzania protect a child as a human being. As human rights, children’s rights are constituted by fundamental guarantees and essential human rights

Become a Partner

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give

SBSD Current Programs

My Voice My School Program

My Voice My School (MVMS) Program gives children the opportunity to share their ideas about education and their future. The goal of My Voice My School for children with disabilities in schools

School Feeding Program

The purpose of the project is to provide at least one hot meal a day with nutrients, School Feeding Program has been found necessary due to poverty levels

Clubfoot Project

SBSD works in Tanzania to transform the lives of children living with disabilities through surgery and compassionate care, the children we serve have neglected clubfoot .

Access Project

SBSD Tanzania working to reverse the crisis in education for children with disabilities in Tanzania by sustaining interest in and demand for education.

Our Team

Ofman Tukuswiga

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lusubilo Joshua

Educational Program Manager

Jacob Mahegema


Henry Miku

Research Expert



Number of Children reached

08:00 am - 04:30 pm

Working Hours


My Voice My School Club

  • My voice my school club gives children the opportunity to share their ideas about education and their future
  • Giving them a voice and an opportunity to communicate on issues that related to them
  • Promote children rights, creativity and innovation

How you can help?

Donate funds to reach more schools.

Home Visiting.

Home Visitation to people with disabilities and families of children with disabilities make them feel loved, needed, befriended, cared, supported, accepted, present, wanted and appreciated

How you can help?

i. Funds are required to support people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities who are living in poverty for their livelihood support.
ii. Donating funds so that we can reach more families.

Empowering girls with disabilities in schools.

Empowering girls with disabilities school age to access quality education by teaching them their rights.

How you can help?

i. Donating funds so that we can reach many vulnerable girls with disabilities in Tanzania.
ii. Sponsor a girl.

Provision of clothing and disability aids

East Africa is one of the hotest place on Earth, People with Albinism are highly vulnerable to skin cancer. SBSD provide clothes to children with albinism in the communities where we operate to prevent against skin cancer.

How you can help?

i. You can help by providing disability aids like wheelchairs, walking aids, hearing aids, Albino travelling hats, Albino tube lotions, sunglasses, Braille machines, braille papers and learning aids as well as clothes and school uniform.
ii. Donating funds so that we can reach more children.
We are SBSD, We want to help vulnerable children reach their fullest potential.
Now, I understand to be heard is my right.
Now we have healthy eating because of School Feeding Program