My Voice My School (MVMS) Program

My Voice My School (MVMS) Program

My Voice My School (MVMS) Program gives children the opportunity to share their ideas about education and their future. The goal of My Voice My School for children in schools is an education program which seeks to empower children by giving them a voice and an opportunity to communicate on issues that related to them.

Promote children rights, Creativity,and innovation as well as the acquisition of hands on operative capabilities among them and it puts children at the heart of the conversation about what the sustainable development in the country. My voice my school program gives children with disabilities the chance to be heard, to speak out about issues affecting them and to let the world know that they have rights.

This program provides an opportunity to children with disabilities around Tanzania to link up,communicate, share experiences, engage in mutual learning and increase their own awareness as well as the awareness of others of global issues. Participatory and child centered workshops are also conducted in schools to teach children about their rights and responsibilities. Through this program, children are encouraged to speak up, take part in their learning and become confident young citizen. Children at Uhuru Mchanganyiko primary school enjoying their session on the right to play. It sure does look fun.

My voice my school. Children are enjoying the session

Through these clubs, children have a safe space to raise concerns affecting them or their peers. We are currently working with 3 schools to empower children on their rights and motivate change at local level. Rational of My Voice My School Project helps children with disabilities move up by being active. Students with disabilities sport and play are especially important – not only in terms of their health, but also in terms of their social contact with others.

Children with disabilities learn what they can do through sport, life skills, they discover their talents and develop self-confidence. That’s how we help them move up. My Voice My School increases children’s attendance in classrooms and improves learning through safe, child-friendly and healthy environment that bring children the opportunities to unlock their potential. During its life journey. My Voice My School has had an impact on large number of children with their access to and facilities in schools.

The community –driven project takes it lessons from the children, the parents, the teachers and continually reinvents itself in accordance with the needs, opportunities and scope of people’ Impact so faro My Voice My School improving the knowledge of children with disabilities on their rights.

  • Bring enough confident to children with disabilities to stand up for a fellow classmate who they may feel is begin treated unjustly.
  • My School My Voice clubs have encourage a new mindset in the children with disabilities and helped to make them more sensitive to and aware of others needs and rights in life.
  • Improve academic performances, school attendances, and education attainment oImprove interpersonal relationships of people with and without disabilities, team work, money management and public speaking skills.
  • Increase problem solving and decision making abilitieso Increase enterprises and self-employment to Stimulate development such as economic growth

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