Disability Rights

Rights of People with Disabilities

The convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is important because it is a tool for ensuring that people with disabilities have access to the same rights and opportunities as everybody else.

What SBSD do about Disability Rights:

  • Legislative; working with our representatives to create or enforce laws or ordinances that will improve the lives of children with disabilities.
  • Legal; employing the legal process including assisting with law suits, when the rights of children with disabilities have been violated.
  • Media; Educating the public about rights of children with disabilities issues through media, social media and direct outreach.
  • Direct Action; Organizing non-violent civil disobedience, protests and demonstrations against government entities and public accommodations that discriminate against children with disabilities.
  • Administrative; Training leaders in the Disability Rights movement to serve in leadership roles in the government, businesses, and organizations to help influence those establishments and ensure that accessibility and disability rights are engrained in entities throughout our community.
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